This piece is a quilt diary of my experience of the summer of 2021 at The Hotwalls Studios. Through the months of July and August of that year I recorded data relating to the days I spent in my studio as well as any interesting things I heard or was asked about. 

As with my Lockdown quilt the quotes and tallies were recorded and stitched in as close to real time as possible. I built the quilt up through the two month period, adding categories to collect additional data as new trends emerged.  For instance, I didn't plan to have a 'questions asked' section, but after the first two were recorded I decided to group all questions together, and this formed a collection.
Ironically I chose these summery colours that shout scorching,  bright sunny days, when in fact August was a rainy, grey month with far less sunshine than usual. This also skewed the expected results in terms of content - the visitors to the beach were far less bikini-clad, less antisocial, and less intoxicated than is typical for the time of year, and compared to the months leading up to this data capture.

This is why I am interested in recording faithfully and accurately, and only within a specified time frame. If I have done any of this in advance or planned for probable outcomes, the piece would have been much different. 
This piece was exhibited as part of the Within These Walls exhibition in the Round Tower, Portsmouth, in July 2022.
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