In Summer 2020, The Hotwalls Studios were granted Emergency Funding from Arts Council England, to fund  the Pause, Reflect, Create project. As a member of the studios I was commissioned to make artwork in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. These works were exhibited in the Round Tower, Portsmouth and the artworks are now part of the Covid Collection at Portsmouth City Museum and Art Gallery.​​​​​​​
Title: Functions of My Flat During Lockdown
Mixed Media Textiles
This piece is focused on the changing role of the home in our daily lives due to the  lockdown restrictions, and the additional functions each part has had to fulfil. It is a personal reflection on the way my relationship with my home has changed throughout the Covid pandemic, using real events, data, anecdotal details and architectural plans of the layout of my flat. 
I have used found materials such as household fabrics, vintage linen and wool felt, because they were available in my house (as access to fabric shops was limited). The colours are patriotic red, white and blues. 
This piece is part of the Portsmouth Museum collection. 
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