Close to the Bone is a collaborative project and exhibition of mixed media work on the theme of anatomy.  Household Pain is Kim’s response, exploring various types of domestic pain – everyday ailments which need no medical attention. 
This is a series of work visualising the feeling of different types of pain from menstrual cramps to migraines, from stubbed toes to splinters; a visual manifestation of intangible feelings.  
Responding to personal memories of experiencing pain, the pieces were designed and stitched to provoke empathy and recognition in the viewer.  
Each piece was created using household fabrics and everyday textiles. From homely, vintage domestic linens such as tea towels, table runners and homemade doilies to scraps of curtains, cushions and clothing. These were enhanced with ephemeral images found in vintage women’s magazines.
As well as the final artwork the exhibition also featured the artists preparation work- for me this was my sketchbook and fabric experiments. This was a conscious decision to showcase the creative process and let viewers follow the thought and design processes. In the slideshow above you can see some of the preparatory work where I am exploring the themes, and trying to translate my memories of painful experiences into a visual language. 
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